Can you see the white in people’s eyes?

By Don Friedman

It’s time for people to really start paying attention now. The music has quieted down as cryptocurrencies have recently been in a free-fall. The euphoria has worn off as most of the major cryptos are either below or approaching their 1 year lows. Many people who joined the party in 2017 are getting flushed out. If you believe in the long-term future of cryptocurrencies, now is an interesting time to scale in.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, using XRP as an example, I started dipping my toes in at around 33 cents and as the free fall continues will dip in again pretty soon. As I was pointing out to a colleague the other day, investing is about patience and whether it’s equities, real estate or crypto it’s about waiting to see the white in people’s eyes when the best opportunities present themselves. Colleagues thought I was crazy as I’ve had a resting order in for Ether since the end of March. I’m getting very close to getting filled now.

It’s not easy to stick your neck out and go against the crowd but this is what separates great investors from the rest. I don’t know how low cryptos will go and I don’t know if they will survive so I’m willing to lose all of what I’ve invested.

This is why we’ve assembled a speaking faculty of veteran Wall Street experts (for our Digital Asset Strategies Summit) to help investors better understand and analyze both the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces. When markets go parabolic everyone thinks they’re a genius. It’s at times like these when people get brought back to earth and the soul-searching begins.

Happy investing.