Don Friedman’s Takeaways

A Recap from interviewing Blockchain Capital’s Co-Founder & Managing Partner: Bart Stephens

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to interview one of our Digital Asset Strategies keynote speakers Bart Stephens from Blockchain Capital. Bart’s firm is the most established VC firm in the blockchain sector and the first VC firm to raise a venture fund through an ICO. He’s a true testament to quality and credibility of our speaking faculty. Our “allocator only” attendees will surely benefit from hearing his thoughts when he shares the stage with Fundstrat’s Thomas Lee on the session: State of the Digital Asset Market: A Legitimate Asset Class or Another Tulip Mania?

Key takeaways from my interview include:

  • Blockchain Capital’s most important criteria when investing in firms is making sure they have a world class team of entrepreneurs who have the right engineering and technology background to build a multi-billion dollar company.
  • The demographics of people who own crypto assets and the demographics of people who play video games are almost identical so there’s a very good crossover leading to an explosion of new entrepreneurial activity around the Intersection of blockchain technology and the video game industry.
  • The basic building blocks are now in place for institutional asset managers to both trade and custody crypto assets.

Read the entire Interview With Bart Stephens HERE.