2:00 – 6:00 pm

Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision
What is Bitcoin?

  • The ways to acquire Bitcoin
  • How to store, trade and sell Bitcoin
  • Taxation of Bitcoin

Dhruv Bansal, Co-Founder & CSO
Unchained Capital

Tuur Demeester, Founder
Adamant Capital

It’s more than just Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin’s limitations
  • The rise of other digital currencies
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
    • Ripple
    • And more
  • ICOs, ITOs

David Nage, Principal

Forget Bitcoin – it’s all about the Blockchain

  • What is the Blockchain?
  • How Blockchain works
  • Why Blockchain is bigger than Bitcoin and why Bitcoin matters more

Dr. Mehrzad Mahdavi, Executive Director
FDP Institute

Kate Mitselmakher, General Partner
Bloccelerate VC

Forget Blockchain – it’s all about the Tokens

  • What is tokenization?
  • How tokenization works

Greg Xethalis, Partner
Chapman and Cutler LLP

Digital Assets & Practice Management: Lessons I’m learning about the prospect of investing in digital assets

  • Reasons for investing – and not investing – in crypto
    • Payments
    • Correlation
    • Return potential
  • How adding digital assets can benefit your clients
  • How adding digital assets can benefit your practice
  • How to explain digital assets to your clients
  • The pros/cons of the different ways of investing in digital assets including:
    • ETFs
    • Direct ownership
    • Private funds
    • Traditional mutual funds
    • Closed-end funds
    • Hedge Funds

Session Leader:
Ric Edelman, Founder
Edelman Financial Engines


Ron Bullis, Partner
Lifeworks Advisors

Charles Cumello Jr., President & CEO
Essex Financial

John Davi, Founder & CEO
Astoria Portfolio Advisors

6:00 – 7:00 pm


7:30 am – 8:20 am

8:20 am – 8:30 am

Don Friedman, Founder & CEO
JV Events Group

8:30 am – 9:00 am
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Digital Assets: An Alternative Asset Class? 

Many advisors have taken a position on digital assets – for or against – but most have it wrong. In this enlightening, and surprising, session Ric Edelman, three times ranked the #1 independent financial advisor in America by Barron’s, will show you a completely different way to view digital assets. This compelling presentation is sure to change your perspective.

Ric Edelman, Founder
Edelman Financial Engines

9:00 am – 9:50 am

  • Current State
  • Projected evolution
  • Source of capital

Session Leader:
Ryan Todd, Research Analyst
The Block

Bill Laggner, Co-Founder
Bearing Asset Management
Bart Stephens, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Blockchain Capital
Mark Yusko, CEO & CIO
Morgan Creek Capital Management

9:50 am – 10:20 am

10:20 am – 10:50 am
KEYNOTE FIRESIDE CHAT: A Global Outlook Through The Eyes Of A Contrarian Investor

  • U.S./China trade war and why it may make investing in cryptos more compelling
  • The impact of zero – negative interest rates
  • How the social pressures in Hong Kong might play out
  • What sort of assets should investors own based on each of the above scenarios

Parker Lewis, Head of Business Development
Unchained Capital

Kyle Bass, Founder & CIO
Hayman Capital Management

10:50 am – 11:20 am

Lex will discuss the macro financial and technological trends that are contributing to the exponential growth in digital assets and decentralized finance. We have seen DeFi progress across the industry — from payments, to banking, lending and investments. Once there are thousands of decentralized autonomous financial manufacturers, what will be left for financial incumbents, emerging Fintechs and gloal AI tech companies? This talk will also connect the dots on how these different services are likely to interact together and how people and companies can benefit from the emerging trend.

Lex Sokolin, Global Fintech Co-Head

11:20 am – 12:10 pm
DIGITAL ASSETS REVEALED: The Family Office Perspective 

In this session, you will have the opportunity to hear from family offices as they share their experiences of investing in digital assets. Questions will include:

  • What prompted you to take a deep dive into crypto and decide to pursue investing in the space?
  • What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced during your research process into crypto?
  • What criteria do you use in evaluating which fund will get an allocation?
  • Why are most institutional investors scared of the space? What are they getting wrong? What 3 things would you tell them in order to help them understand the potential of this space and consider an investment?
  • What is a reasonable allocation for investors at this stage?
  • What does the future of crypto look like over the next few years?
  • Where are the most promising/interesting opportunities to invest today?
  • What are the least promising areas that you would avoid at present?

Session Leader:
Marcos Veremis, Managing Director
Cambridge Associates

Thomas Bailey, Partner
Notation Capital

Christopher Calicott, PM – Alternative Investments
Dustin Trammell Family Office

Darsh Singh, Managing Partner
Hazoor Partners

12:10 pm – 1:20 pm

1:20 pm – 2:10 pm
BLOCKCHAIN BEYOND CRYPTO: A Case For Blockchain-Based Enterprise Solutions 

Blockchain technology is used not only to create cryptocurrencies and real asset tokenization, but also to improve the way firms work and collaborate with each other. Companies large and small are experimenting with distributed ledger technology in supply chain, digital identity, payments and remittances and record reconciliation.

As Wall Street tries to better understand the legitimacy of blockchain, this session will help fill the learning gap as the panel will discuss:

  • The most recent trends in enterprise blockchain
  • The challenges and opportunities which companies are facing
  • The tools investors and business leaders need to evaluate blockchain beyond the hype

Session Leader:
Cesare Fracassi, Associate Professor of Finance
Director – Blockchain Initiative at Texas McCombs
University of Texas at Austin

Dale Chrystie, Business Fellow, Blockchain Strategist

Rashi Gajula, Sr. Manager, Technology Solutions
Pioneer Natural Resources

Paige Krieger, Program Manager
IBM Blockchain

2:10 pm – 2:40 pm

Mining plays an important role in the world of digital assets but very few people understand how it works or its relevance. They know it consumes a lot of energy and is therefore costly but beyond that i’s a bit of a mystery. In this session, we will demystify the mining world and cover topics which include:

  • How do you see the cryptocurrency mining industry evolving?
  • How blockchain transactions with cryptocurrencies can impact you
  • How mining uses third-party distributed servers (similar to how AirBnB and Uber use third-party assets)
  • How do you deal with bitcoin mining’s energy footprint as it relates to climate change?

Bobby Henebry, CFA, Founder

Gideon Powell, CEO
Autonomous Crypto Corp.

2:40 pm – 3:30 pm

Custody and security are two of the most important and talked about topics in the world of digital assets. In order for institutions to embrace digital assets, they will need to get comfortable and feel confident with the following as a starting point:

  • What are the risk factors associated with investing in crypto?
  • Other than putting your key in a safe, what options are available?
  • What are the differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, of cold wallets vs. hot wallets?
  • What offerings are available from custodians?
  • How do you determine the right solution? What are the differences between the various providers?

Terrence Dempsey, Head of Product
Fidelity Digital Assets

Diogo Mónica, Co-Founder

Speaker TBA
Kingdom Trust

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm

4:00 pm – 4:40 pm

In the fast-moving world of digital assets, regulations & taxes play a vital role in how the asset class will evolve. We will cover:

  • Pricing
  • Volatility
  • Privacy
  • The roadmap to becoming compliant
  • With only 800+ individuals having reported cryptos on their tax returns, do you understand if and how you should report?
  • What’s the tax treatment if you exchange one digital asset for another (i.e. bitcoin for ethereum)? Is that considered an “in-kind” transfer?

Session Leader:
Dara Albright, Advisor

Jennifer McHugh, Senior Special Counsel – Division of Investment Management
Securities & Exchange Commission

Kathleen Moriarty, Partner
Chapman and Cutler LLP

4:40 pm – 5:30 pm
PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION: Putting Digital Asset Strategies To Work 

Diversifying/building your crypto portfolio

  • Should you invest in more than 1 digital asset?
  • If so, which currencies are worth investing in?
  • Which have more utility?
  • What percentage should be allocated to which digital assets?
  • Using data and information to allocate more effectively in digital assets

Incorporating crypto and blockchain into a broad-based portfolio

  • What percent of your portfolio should be invested in the crypto space
  • What percentage of your portfolio should be invested in the blockchain space
  • Is crypto a hedge against a stock market correction?
  • Where would you fund an allocation to crypto in client portfolios?
    • Alts
    • Cash
    • Equity
    • Commodities
    • Fixed income

Session Leader:
Dmitriy Berenzon, Research Partner
Zenith Ventures

Mike Alfred, Co-Founder & CEO
Digital Assets Data

Travis Kling, Founder & CIO
Ikigai Asset Management

Tyrone Ross Jr., Founder & CEO

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

JV Events Group reserves the right to alter the agenda without notice, including substitution or cancellation of speakers and/or topics.